Whether you are looking for Term Life Insurance or a Whole Life Policy, we can help you find the policy that fits your needs. There are many uses for life insurance. Not only can life insurance protect your family in the event of an untimely death, it can also be used to protect your business. Cross policies can be used to protect businesses in the event of the death of a business partner.

A cross policy is a life insurance on both partners in a business. If one partner dies, the surviving family needs money to replace the earnings of the deceased. Sometimes the surviving family needs the money that they put into the business. Usually the surviving spouse now owns part of a business they know nothing about. A cross policy pays the surviving partner in the business. This gives the surviving partner the capital to pay the surviving spouse for their share of the business. The business owner owns the rest of the business and does not have a surviving spouse as a partner. The surviving spouse now has money to replace the missing earnings of the deceased. An additional benefit of a cross policy is that it sets a price on the value of the business. Life insurance can also be used to provide retirement options. A person does not have to die in order to take advantage of the many uses of life insurance.